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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out to us via email at

Due to the influx of email we receive please allow 1-2 days for email correspondence. Thank you!

Who can attend Latinx Transfer Day?
Latinx Transfer Day’s purpose is to facilitate and ease the transition to the university for newly admitted transfer students.  Our utmost interest is that you enjoy this event to its maximum and that you do so while in the company of those who are proud of your achievement. With that said, you are welcome to bring, family, friends, or mentors. 

How long is it?
Latinx Transfer Day will run from 2:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. on Saturday, May 13, 2023.

Are you hosting the overnight experience this year?

Unfortunately, this year we will not be hosting the overnight experience.

Should I take lunch or will the food be provided?
Though you are free to bring your own lunch, food will be provided. More information on our food options is coming soon!

Is it Free?
Yes, it is absolutely free. However, parking does have a cost on campus.

Do I have to stay all day?
We understand that you have busy lives and schedules.  You are not required to stay all day, but we do encourage it so you can get the most out of our event. You are free to leave whenever you need to. Remember, UCLA Swag-Bags will be given out towards the end of the event.

If I don’t identify as Chicanx, is this event still for me?
Yes! Although this event has an emphasis on Chicanx/Latinx transfer students we understand that UCLA admits are coming from a variety of backgrounds and identities. The tools that students are provided regarding campus knowledge and resources at LTD are useful for all students and this event also provides a great opportunity for students to interact and gain new perspectives on what a UCLA student is like.

Why is this event important?
Mecha de UCLA Latinx Transfer Day is an important event for you as a transfer student. This event will provide information about graduate school, the opportunities that one can receive by attending UCLA, financial aid and how it works, and information on how the transition was from community college to UCLA for current transfer students. In addition, this event provides a chance to visit UCLA, get a good sense of the campus, and network with other transfers from your class. We know you have many admittance letters and we want to make sure you leave our event feeling well-informed about our campus!

Regarding masks:
Our event is entirely outdoors – and in accordance with L. A County Public Health Guidelines and those set up by UCLA, we will not be requiring masks outdoors, but strongly encourage wearing one and asking all attendees and their guests to respect social distancing when appropriate. Symptom monitoring surveys are required, we ask anyone who feels sick not to attend, and we will be working to provide folks with masks, and hand sanitizer, and we will be checking vaccination status.


Regarding location:
Our event will be located at the UCLA Campus Dickinson Court.

Regarding parking:
Parking at UCLA for the day is $14 and we are in contact with UCLA’s parking and events department to ensure that everyone can find locations closest to our event. In the event of folks needing accommodations for disabilities, we will happily and readily work to ensure the closest options remain open and accessible to all.


Social Media:

Check out our Instagram page @LatinxTransferDay. We will update our page with information regarding the event! Also, you are welcome to DM us with any questions that may remain unanswered.

MEChA de UCLA is working to provide custom care packages and swag bags for those who attend – this may include a t-shirt, UCLA Student branded merchandise, a rally towel, a tote bag, and other items such as pens, notebooks, and water bottles. Due to the customs process, we are providing a Google form to collect custom t-shirt sizes with specific fitments (including for extended sizes) – tailored to each attendee. We ask that you please let us know the information as soon as possible for printing to begin. As this is a wholly custom process – some items and the care package itself may be shipped to your address, while others can be picked up later on campus if you so choose (i.e., during programs such as TSP).

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